Garage Door Clothesline Installation

Installs simply in 5 minutes or less with  7/16 wrench or pliers.
May be mounted on right, left, or both sides of garage door.
No Drilling Required.

Consists of:

  • One 14 inch Angle Clip Bracket which clips to the garage door track.

  • One 88 inch Clothesline plastic coated galvanized cable (fits 7 foot high door). 

  • Miscellaneous hardware for installation.  (7/16 inch bolt size).  


Step #1, Drawing #3: At bottom of large radius garage door track,  unscrew 7/16 nut.  Leave bolt in place.  Slide one end of clothesline cable loop over this bolt.  Attach with flat washer and 7/16 flange nut.  Tighten nut with cable extending horizontally.

Step #2, Drawing #4: Find 7/16 x 3 / 4 bolt and insert into bottom inside of angle bracket.  Slide the second end of the clothesline cable loop over the outside of the angle onto the bolt.  Use flat washer and 7/16 nut to fasten and hold in place.  Leave loose until final assembly.

Step #3, Drawing #5: Slide angle clip bracket over the outside top of the garage door track, near the ceiling mount location.  Pull bottom of angle clip bracket onto the track till it clips into place over the track.

Step #4,   Drawing #6:  Find 7/16 x 2 Lg. bolt and flange nut, attach  to top of angle clip bracket.  Pull out on angle clip bracket to make the clothesline cable tight then tighten the top bolt and nut.    Tighten all hardware.


Manufactured in the USA


Warning: Do not overload the maximum 75 lb. weight limit of this product.

Limited Warranty:  Clotheslines Inc.  Warrants this product against defects for one year after purchase date, as long as the product is properly installed  and not overloaded.   Clotheslines Inc. will repair, replace, or refund the purchase price only,
less shipping and handling, of the part as necessary.



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